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Organising committee

Anders Justenlund – Conference Chair

Anders Justenlund is business developer and senior lecturer at University College Northern Denmark. His work and research interests lies in the cross field between business model design, CSR and sustainability in a challenging context.

“I am ready to challenge the taken for granted and to take your conference experience to a new level. If you have a new idea to pitch, I am ready to listen and to take action on it.

I have the pleasure of being in charge of this year’s CHME conference will together with my team welcome you to Europe’s happiest city Aalborg in the World’s happiest country Denmark.”


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LinkedIN: Anders Justenlund

Luigi D’Ambrosio – Academic Chair

I am a lecturer at the International Hospitality Management and Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management programmes. My teaching areas include among others the subjects of Philosophy of Science and Methodology of Research, Hospitality Guest Behaviour and Intercultural Competencies. My research areas are consumption behaviour in the hospitality industry, destination management, destination branding and knowledge transfer.

“Three words to describe my approach to the professional and private life are: Passion for what I do, enthusiasm to learn and share knowledge, and last, but definitely not least, a good portion of sense of humour to support the rest.”


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LinkedIn: Luigi D’Ambrosio

Lotte Laustsen – Conference Administrator

Lotte Laustsen’s work is in the crossfield of culture and business as a teacher at Natural and Cultural Heritage Management. She finds, that working with culture and cultural institutions, is one of the greatest sources of experiences. It is in other words the rawmaterial in tourism.

“I’m the glue that makes sure that the team can concentrate on doing their jobs.”


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Linkedin: Lotte Laustsen

Pernille Verwohlt – Operations chair

Pernille Verwohlt’s passion for the hospitality industry and teaching is within the area of training and motivation of employees and students. Pernille therefore has the privilege to be responsible of the student involvement for CHME ’17 at UCN.

The drive of my teaching is my huge interest in trends in hospitality and great Hostmanship. The concepts of Hostmanship are customer care, quality, friendship and hospitality, which are values I appreciate in every encounter with the industry and elsewhere.  

The students and I look forward to practice what we preach, and welcome you in Aalborg with open arms .”


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LinkedIn: Pernille Verwohlt

Jan Halberg Madsen – Marketing Chair

Jan Halberg Madsen has a passion for experience economy and tourism. He works within the crossfield of Authenticity, Tourism Management and Destination Development. Field research and hands on experience is two things that characterises Jan Halberg Madsen’s academic activities. He finds it important to challenge his students in a real life setting.  As author of a book about marketing – he naturally is our Marketing Chair.

“I make sure that word of CHME17 is spread to all.”


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LinkedIn: Jan Halberg Madsen

Helge Larsen – Finance Chair

Helge Larsen  has years of industry experience. As a seasoned  businessman his playground has been the cultural tourism trade.  As a teacher he has a lot of empathy, and his mission is to teach the students everything they cannot find in the books.

“My job is to make the conference profitable, and have the economical overview.”


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Sarah Kruse – Strategic Industry Liaison

Sarah Kruse is Director of Sales at Kruse Vask and functions as industry advisor for the 2017 CHME Organising committee. Together with her clients from the hotel, restaurant and tourism industry Sarah is dedicated to set new standards for collaboration and performance when it comes to business development. Sarah Kruse is a member of Junior Chamber International (JCI) and is continuously looking for new opportunities challenge herself and her business.

“I am the bridging link to the local hospitality industry.”

Jacob Leerbech – Marketing, Photography, Graphic Design

Jacob Leerbech is a talented designer and an experienced photographer.  His own company Leerbech works with both branches, but always takes the customer and the context into consideration. Jacob designed the logo for CHME17 and is ready to take the CHME-marketing to a whole new level

“My job is to make everything look good and make the marketing coherent for CHME17.”


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Kim Andersen multimediadesigner & concept developer from Aalborg

Kim Andersen – Head of the Developer team

Kim Andersen is a skilled Multimedia Designer and have a huge passion for making his design a reality. One of Kims great strengths is to get from an idea to visualization and realization of the products and solutions, and work around with some coding aswell of cause!

“I am the one who is responsible of keeping the website alive”


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