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Call for industry

CHME17 invites industry professionals and companies within the hospitality, tourism and event  or related trade to participate in the conference.

CHME17 seeks to connect industry and academia within hospitality, tourism and event in order to challenge the taken for granted discourse within our profession. We believe that cross sectional partnerships creates newthinking, innovative and entrepreneurial activities that results in a stronger and more responsive hospitality,tourism and event industry.

We invite activities under the theme: “New Bizz in Hospitality”.   

As a representative from the industry you have several options to participate in CHME17. We invite you to:

  • Facilitate workshop activities
  • Become an exhibitor at the CHME17 Market Place
  • Sponsor specific conference activities
  • Advertising your company during the conference

 If you are interested to learn more,  please contact:


Anders Justenlund, Conference Chair – mail:

Jan Halberg Madsen, Marketing Chair – mail: